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Concession trailers have their benefits over traditional food trucks when it comes to interior space to prepare and cook food. But those benefits don’t matter unless you have a vehicle that can effectively move your food trailer from one place to another.

The Best Way to Tow Your Concession Trailer

To determine the best vehicle to tow your food trailer, you first need to understand how much your trailer and equipment inside will weigh. A good starting estimate would be between 5,000 and 6,000 pounds – but this weight could differ depending on your menu and equipment needed to prepare your food. Using that weight as a guideline, here are three suitable options you have to tow your concession trailer.

1. Towing Your Concession Trailer with a Pickup Truck

The first option that probably comes to mind is your trusty pickup truck. People use trucks to tow anything from campers to construction equipment. [...]

There’s no shortage of food options at most popular outdoor events.  From the smallest carnival to the largest state fairs, you’re pretty much guaranteed to see other concession trailers – some of which may be selling the same food that you offer.  Just because the competition is saturated at these larger events doesn’t mean that you can’t find outdoor locations to be successful with your food trailer. You may not get the same crowds as you would at a state fair, but consider these four outdoor events to bring your concession trailer.

1. County Fairs

Okay, we admit you might run into the same problem at smaller county fairs as you would at larger carnivals.  In most cases, these fairs use the same vendors        year after year, and it might be difficult for a new guy to get in on the action – especially if your food trailer [...]

One of the great things about food trailers is your culinary options. You could use your trailer to sell anything from gourmet fare to the simplest dishes.

But if you’re looking to turn a profit quickly, you should consider selling funnel cakes in your concession trailer.

Why Funnel Cakes?

Walk around any fairground and you’ll likely notice the longest lines at stands selling the most traditional fair food – corn dogs, cotton candy, and yes, funnel cakes.

Not only is this food one of the favorites across the country, it is especially easy and cheap to make. Most traditional funnel cake recipes include less than 10 simple ingredients. And if you make the batter ahead of time, you only have to worry about a handful of items in your concession trailer so you can quickly make large batches to keep up with the demand.

3 Factors That Will Impact Your Daily Concession Trailer Funnel Cake [...]

When it comes to operating a successful food trailer, it’s important to keep your marketing efforts as fresh as your latest menu. The experts at Customer Trailer Pros have got you covered, breaking down the best ways to build your customer base while keeping your current customers coming back for more! Read on for our top 5 biggest impact-makers for 2019.

  1. Review your branding strategy. Gather any printables, mailers, and physical marketing materials that you are currently using to market your food trailer. Is there a constant theme throughout the different pieces? Are you happy with your current message or do you need to change it up? Keep a unified front by ensuring that your company logo, font, colors and images are consistent throughout all forms of printed media. Next, with your printed materials in front of you, pull up your company website, social media pages, and any e-books or downloads you have available [...]

You’ve planned the menu, perfected the recipes and are ready to start designing the blueprints for your dream mobile kitchen. A kitchen is one of the trickiest design challenges in any home, and it doesn’t get any easier when crammed into a 16-to-22-foot trailer. However, by spending a little extra time thinking about the use of your space, taking a hard look at your revenue goals, and—gulp!—doing a few simple math equations, you can be confident that you’ve got the storage space you need for a kitchen that works as hard as you do.

In the food industry terms, the amount of storage space inside your trailer is referred to as capacity. The good news is that food trailers typically have more capacity than food trucks—giving you a head start when it comes to maximizing your options. Generators for a food truck are almost always built inside what could be usable kitchen space—what a waste! [...]

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