Your 2019 Food Trailer Marketing Guide

When it comes to operating a successful food trailer, it’s important to keep your marketing efforts as fresh as your latest menu. The experts at Customer Trailer Pros have got you covered, breaking down the best ways to build your customer base while keeping your current customers coming back for more! Read on for our top 5 biggest impact-makers for 2019.

  1. Review your branding strategy. Gather any printables, mailers, and physical marketing materials that you are currently using to market your food trailer. Is there a constant theme throughout the different pieces? Are you happy with your current message or do you need to change it up? Keep a unified front by ensuring that your company logo, font, colors and images are consistent throughout all forms of printed media. Next, with your printed materials in front of you, pull up your company website, social media pages, and any e-books or downloads you have available for potential customers. Does your digital media reflect the same themes, colors, images and logos as your print material? Sending a consistent message through all marketing channels will help ensure your customers identify your products with your image and reputation.
  2. Fine-tune your website. Has it been over 6 months since you’ve looked over your website? For over 50% of food truck customers, a website is their first touchpoint with your business, so it’s important that it looks exciting and appetizing as your newest culinary creations. Make sure that the current product offerings are listed and remove anything that you aren’t currently offering. Do you offer seasonal fare? Make sure this is reflected on your site. Nothing says “outdated” more than a picture of a food trailer in the snow when it’s a sweltering 105 degrees outside. Stay current with your pictures and testimonials. Make your best customers feel like VIPs and ask 3 or 4 of them to review your site and give quality feedback from a customer’s perspective, then reward them with a gift card to your truck.
  3. Check your presence on social media. Review your engagement over the past few months. What are your customers liking, sharing and commenting on? Are they more active on one social platform or another? If you have been running ads on any of the platforms, how have they been performing? Review your posts—are the images eye-catching? Do you show variation in your photos; up-close product shots and also images of people enjoying them? You also might want to consider adding a new platform to your mix.
  4. Review your retainment efforts. You’ve heard the stats: it takes anywhere from 60-90% more time, money and effort to gain a new customer than to keep a current one. Make sure your marketing strategy includes making your loyal followers feel special—and make them want to check in with you often. Punch cards that offer a free item once so many items are purchased. There’s nothing new to the idea of offering a “Deal of the Day,” but it’s consistently effective. You can also create buzz by offering items not shown on the menu that have to be asked for by name. There’s something very “insider” about asking for something off a secret menu. “Limited time only” creations can also encourage your customers to stop in to get their favorites before they’re gone. Monthly newsletters offering special deals are also great for encouraging your customers to stick around.
  5. Seek out meaningful partnerships. Consider sponsoring a school fundraiser or a local sports team. Offer to bring your truck to the school picnic or to the little league baseball games, and offer reduced prices or donate a percentage of sales to support your cause. Make sure to cross-promote these partnerships on social media and your website, and consider advertising in local magazines and newspapers. Gaining new customers AND giving back to your community? That’s a tasty pairing for any mobile kitchen!

Center this year’s marketing efforts around increasing your customer base while catering to your loyal fans. By refining your message and expanding your reach, you’re sure to make 2018 the most successful year yet! If your kitchen or trailer that needs a makeover along with your marketing plan, the experts at Customer Trailer Pros are happy to steer you in the right direction. Contact us today at 1-800-859-5405 or just click HERE to get your wheels turning!

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