4 Great Outdoor Events to Bring Your Concession Trailer

There’s no shortage of food options at most popular outdoor events.  From the smallest carnival to the largest state fairs, you’re pretty much guaranteed to see other concession trailers – some of which may be selling the same food that you offer.  Just because the competition is saturated at these larger events doesn’t mean that you can’t find outdoor locations to be successful with your food trailer. You may not get the same crowds as you would at a state fair, but consider these four outdoor events to bring your concession trailer.

1. County Fairs

Okay, we admit you might run into the same problem at smaller county fairs as you would at larger carnivals.  In most cases, these fairs use the same vendors        year after year, and it might be difficult for a new guy to get in on the action – especially if your food trailer is pumping out traditional fare that’s already being     sold.  However, if your concession trailer is equipped to make something more unique and creative (deep-fried scorpions, anyone?), you might get a shot.

2. Youth Tournaments

Weekend tournaments are held all across the country for sports such as baseball, softball, soccer, and lacrosse. In many cases, kids are playing several games a day, which means families are stuck at the fields with little or no food options.  Try partnering with a local organization to bring your food trailer to their events. Keep in mind that at an athletic event, you’re more likely to be allowed to sell if you offer healthier options. And you might have to make a small donation or give a portion of your profits back to the organization.

3. Community Festivals

Look for local neighborhood or community events, like block parties, street fairs, or Independence Day celebrations. Many of these events will have an organizer or website where you can submit an application to be a vendor. If selected, get a vibe of the area to determine which food would be best. For instance, if you’re in a hipster neighborhood, consider a unique and hip menu that includes a new take on local favorites.

4. Conventions

Business conventions are always looking for quick ways to keep their attendees fed. Many are now turning to food trucks for lunches, but there’s no reason your concession trailer can’t also get in on the action.  Do some research to find conventions being held in cities near you and reach out to the convention organizers. In many cases, these people have so much on their plates that they’ll be happy to consider you.

So, do your homework, find an event that works for you and your food trailer.  A local neighborhood’s fireworks celebration might not seem as glamorous as an invite to the state fair, but the lack of competition might actually be better for your business.

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