Marketing Hacks for Your New Concession Trailer Business

So, you have your own concession trailer. Now what?

You need customers, and marketing your new concession trailer business is a top priority.

What that means is marketing and doing it the right way. You must find your own path, while also keeping up with the times. It’s a sticky situation, but with the right tips, your food trailer can grow faster than spinach does.

Luckily, the folks at Custom Trailer Pros have you covered. Read on for an inside look at increasing your business the right way!

Pick an Eye-Grabbing Name and Logo

This is one of the hardest, yet best, ways to garner attention. If you’re serving kebabs, having a name like “Jon’s Kebabs” isn’t going to knock the socks off anyone.

Some good ideas that involve the potential consumers include having a fan vote via social media or opening a crowdfunding [...]

Mouth-watering, delicious, incredible food.

It’s what sets apart the food trailer industry and can give you lines around the block.

Now it’s your turn. You’ve made the business decision to start your own food trailer, yet something’s eating away at you: deciding what food to serve.

Yes, the specific food chosen to serve hungry bellies will define your business, for the now and future, but it’s not all rotten tomatoes regarding this significant decision. If the best choice isn’t apparent to you, don’t worry. We’ve gone ahead and laid out some of the most lucrative options to consider when opening your new calling.

5 Trendy Foods for New Food Trailers

Are you tired of all the taco trucks or BBQ trailers in your town? If you’re investing in your own food business, picking a solid backbone to your menu can be crucial in welcoming new customers. Here is a quick list of some foods that [...]

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