5 Hip Foods to Consider Making with Your Food Trailer

Mouth-watering, delicious, incredible food.

It’s what sets apart the food trailer industry and can give you lines around the block.

Now it’s your turn. You’ve made the business decision to start your own food trailer, yet something’s eating away at you: deciding what food to serve.

Yes, the specific food chosen to serve hungry bellies will define your business, for the now and future, but it’s not all rotten tomatoes regarding this significant decision. If the best choice isn’t apparent to you, don’t worry. We’ve gone ahead and laid out some of the most lucrative options to consider when opening your new calling.

5 Trendy Foods for New Food Trailers

Are you tired of all the taco trucks or BBQ trailers in your town? If you’re investing in your own food business, picking a solid backbone to your menu can be crucial in welcoming new customers. Here is a quick list of some foods that are ready to feed any customers.

  1. Make Your Own Kettle Corn

Yes, while it may seem like an easy item to make, but there’s not enough of these around. With kettle corn, you can go with the classics like caramel and original. However, you can also take the road less traveled and produce some Spanish-based kernels, or even Southern-inspired fried kettle corn.

The possibilities are endless, and if you’re looking for an excellent trailer to pop the corn in, Custom Trailer Pros has you covered. Food that can adapt to varying conditions and the clientele is always a reliable option.

  1. Pour Your Own French-inspired Crêpes

Looking to inspire your customers to travel the world? If not, bring this delicious French pastry to them. More people are trying to travel than ever before, and that means trying new foods.

These pancake-like creations are easy to make and can be filled with all sorts of different ingredients. From savory to sweet, crêpes let you experiment with food while keeping the doughy consistency year-round.

  1. Bring People the Caribbean with Cuban Cuisine

It’s still impossible to fly to Cuba as a U.S. citizen, so how are people supposed to get their Cuban fix? That’s where you come in. The Cuban food scene consists of a simple palate based on traditional items like beans and rice, giving you lots of room to try new options.

Of course, the chow isn’t complete without its share of drinks. You could serve Cuban-based mixers for customers to wash down that filling pork dish.

4.  A Taste of the Hawaiian with Poke Bowls

Primarily made with yellowfin, poke (pronounced POH-keh) bowls are a Hawaiian dish that brings island flavor to any table. Most of the poke bowls are marinated meats or fish tossed into vegetables with savory sauces. The key here really is that these bowls are the next generation of sushi.

The bowl makes it easier to eat, but with just as much flavor and fresh ingredients. Again, you could get as creative as you want in trying out new ingredients, and the poke crowd is always craving new dishes to try.

5.  A Juice Bar that Adapts

Everyone wants to enjoy the nutrients that fruits and vegetables provide them, but not everyone has the time to eat them throughout the day. That’s where juicing comes in. Many people would like to juice themselves, but at-home machines are big, hard to clean, and load.

Who wants to deal with that? Instead, bring the freshly pressed juice to them. This could be especially handy if you live near a farm or know how to get quality ingredients at reasonable prices. Another great decision if serving juices is the rotating tap philosophy applies. Whatever is in season is what’s on the menu, and keeping things new for customers, again, is vital.

Food is the Backbone of Your Operation

If you’re going for new or trendy in the food trailer business, the foods above give you some exciting options to consider. Just because something may seem out of the ordinary for you, doesn’t mean it will fail as a food business. Sure, a poke bowl may not be enticing to you, but many people think of it that way.

So just go for it. You could have the next big creperie in the United States, out of a food trailer.

For any information on getting your own business together, Customer Trailer Pros is ready to serve.  Contact us today at 1-800-859-5405 or click HERE to start your food journey!


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