Equipment for Your Concession Trailer: Everything You Need to Know

Preparing a new concession trailer for business can be a very daunting task.  They need many of the same equipment and supplies as full-sized restaurants…in a fraction of the space.  Therefore, they require meticulous planning and designing.

There are many factors to consider when outfitting your new food trailer with equipment.  Things such as your power source, your hood space and most importantly, your local health regulations. We’ve outlined a few things that you should be thinking about when designing and equipping your new concession trailer.

Food Storage

Food storage equipment will ensure that all of your food is properly stored in compliance with health code regulations. You will need a refrigerator and a freezer to store perishable items that need to be kept cold or frozen prior to preparation.

Before you buy your refrigerator or freezer, check your local health code.  Many cities and states have requirements that your appliances must meet. Additionally, you will want to take exact measurements before shopping for appliances.  Don’t forget, some models of refrigerators need ample clearance from the wall for proper ventilation.

Sanitation Equipment

Keeping your concession trailer clean is essential. Sanitation equipment such as cleaning products, food preparation gloves, a mop, a broom, scrub brushes and cleaning cloths are all necessary items.  This will help keep the surfaces you prepare food on clean and compliant with all health code regulations.

You’ll also need to think about your dishwashing station.  Even though they take up a lot of space in your already cramped trailer, 3-compartment sinks are a requirement. When looking for a 3-compartment sink, there are some things to keep in mind. First, remember that your sink must be big enough to accommodate your largest piece of kitchenware, both in terms of width and height.

In addition to 3-compartment sinks, the food code requires another sink dedicated for handwashing. For both 3-compartment and handwashing sinks, look for models that have high walls that keep water from splashing out onto your floors or contaminating nearby equipment or food. Along with dishwashing stations, according to the food codes, you will also need ample space to allow your cookware to air dry after washing.

Electrical and Plumbing

Your concession trailer needs to be self-sufficient in the event that you set up at a location that does not provide electricity or water. You need a backup generator to provide your concession trailer with power if electricity is not available and a water tank to provide your trailer with plumbing. Many concession trailers will come with this equipment already installed. If you purchase a trailer that does not have these features, have them installed as soon as possible.

Food Preparation Equipment

The food preparation equipment you need for your concession trailer will depend entirely on what foods you intend to sell to customers.  You may need a hot dog cooker, cotton candy machine, a snow cone machine, a toaster, pretzel warmer and a soda fountain. A food thermometer is also necessary to ensure that foods are prepared and served at ideal temperatures for safety.

If your menu requires a fryer you’ll need to take extra precaution.  Fryers are possibly the most dangerous piece of equipment that you will have in your trailer, so before you buy your fryer, review fire safety laws and make sure that your setup is safe. Plus, when designing your kitchen, keep in mind that there must be a certain amount of clearance between your fryer and appliances with open flames to prevent any accidents.

Starting a concession trailer business and outfitting your kitchen can be an overwhelming process. Let the concession trailer experts at Custom Trailer Pros help you customize a concession trailer that will help maximize your earning potential.  Let’s start the conversation today.

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