What Regions of the Country Have the Most Custom Food Trailers for Sale Now?

You may know exactly what sort of mobile kitchen you want to create, or maybe you want to open a food truck. Regardless of the reason, you’ll want to make sure that your food trailer is tailored to fit your needs (and the menu you plan to present).

To help you start brainstorming, here are some of the custom food trailers for sale based on region.

Most Common Trailer Specifications by Region

Outlined are some of the most common food trailer customizations by region and types of food to help you figure out exactly what type of food truck is popular in your area. This guide will help you track down your own custom food trailer to get your mobile kitchen business rolling.

Region-Specific Barbeque

Common customization for food trailers are ones that will allow you to smoke and serve barbeque. These trailers are most popular in the cities where barbeque is famous, like Kansas City or Memphis. You can likely find a new or used custom food trailer that will include all the things you need to create and serve a fantastic barbeque menu.

Taco Trucks in the Border States

A popular food trailer staple in the southern border states is the simple, but always delicious, taco truck. You can expect to find custom food trailers for sale that will allow you to heat and serve tacos in a line-style setup.

Where the Burger is King

In cities where burgers are the most popular food truck item (particularly in the Midwest), custom food trailers will include such items like fryers, wide grills, and storage for cold ingredients.

Cooling Down with Some Ice Cream

Ice cream trucks are a staple in most American neighborhoods. When the heat waves roll through during the summer, you can bet that customers will be lining up to get some relief from the high temperatures. Common custom ice cream trailers will feature open-top freezers and storage racks for all the accouterments.

Know What You Want? Custom Build Your Own Trailer

Even though some regions will have more popular food trailers than others, you can always carve out your own culinary niche by building a custom trailer that will fit your needs for the particular menu you want to create.

Build Your Mobile Kitchen the Way You Want It

The experienced professionals at Custom Trailer Pros will build a custom food trailer to your specifications from the ground up. Custom Trailer Pros will work with you throughout the build process to ensure that you get the mobile kitchen of your dreams while staying within your budget and meeting all state and national food regulations.

Ready to get a fully customized food trailer for your mobile kitchen business? Call Custom Trailer Pros today to get a quote.

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