BBQ Concession Trailers for Competition

With BBQ season quickly approaching it’s time to seek out the best BBQ concession trailer to show off your smokin’ skills.

While fully enclosed concession trailers are great for preparing and selling food at events, a BBQ concession trailer with porch access accommodates that requirement plus sets the stage for showmanship.

Custom Trailer Pros has a variety of BBQ concession trailers with a porch that is sure to impress your customers and competition.

bbq concession trailer

The porch area on each of these trailer options allows you to interact and engage with your guests, show off your smoking style, offer samples and provide demos.  The best part is that you can still prep, cook and sell from the indoor part of the BBQ trailer.  Your BBQ trailer porch will be the focus of your customer’s attention, so you can customize the interior to best suit your needs for food prep.

Now the fun part…BBQ Competition!  Here are a few tips to ensure your BBQ endeavors go smoothly…

Make a list

Be sure to compile a checklist of every item you need to gather and load in the BBQ concession trailer before you hit the road.  Even the seemingly smaller items like batteries, a flashlight, and aprons.  Once you have a master list you can reuse it each time you’re packing up.

Consider the rules 

It doesn’t matter if you have the best barbecue ever if you don’t follow competition rules.  For example, some competitions allow you to pre-trim the meat, some don’t.  Be sure to read the fine print before you get started.

Stick with simple

If this is your first competition consider entering only one or two categories. This will relieve some pressure and help ease you into the world competition BBQ.

Gather your crew

You want to be sure to have enough hands on deck to handle all of the aspects of BBQ competition cooking, but you don’t want to have a crowd either.  Assign a specific job to each person so they know their role.  And don’t forget the team t-shirts!

You can find barbecue festivals practically year-round if you’re willing to travel.  Some contests host a one-day event, others span an entire weekend. Click here for a list of upcoming festivals!

Custom Trailer Pros can get you ready to hit the road.  Check out the many custom BBQ concession trailer options available – all sure to impress the competition.

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