Why Custom Trailer Pros Is the Best Resource to Find Food Trailers for Sale

Now is a great time to get into the food trailer business. Mobile food options have never been more popular, and customers can’t seem to get enough.

In fact, the food truck and trailer industry are expected to bring in nearly $996 million annually by next year. That’s a pretty large pie, and there are plenty of pieces to go around.

But before you jump in, it’s vital you do your homework about what’s involved in the food trailer business. And even more importantly, you need to find a trusted resource when searching for food trailers for sale.

That’s where Custom Trailer Pros comes in.

3 Reasons Custom Trailer Pros Is Your Best Option for Finding Food Trailers for Sale

We’ll admit, Custom Trailer Pros isn’t the only place you can look for food trailers for sale. But when it’s time to make an investment in your new business, you want to work with a company that has your interests at heart.

Here are three big reasons Custom Trailer Pros should be your only stop when searching for food trailers for sale.

1. Custom Trailer Pros Offers Convenient Packages

You’ll find food trailers for sale in all shapes and sizes. It can sometimes be difficult to determine what you really need.

Custom Trailer Pros helps take some of that guesswork out with three food trailer packages:

  • Hot kitchen: Everything from concession trailers to more specialized vehicles for pizza, tacos, burgers, etc.
  • Cold kitchen: Configurations that are perfect for smoothies, ice cream, coffee, sandwiches, and other cold favorites.
  • BBQ & Porch: A mixture of a hot kitchen for BBQ-style foods with a small, covered porch area attached.

For someone new to the mobile food game, these packages are a great place to start when looking for food trailers for sale.

2. Custom Trailer Pros Lets You Build a Trailer That’s Perfect for You

If you don’t find something you like when browsing its package designs for food trailers for sale, Custom Trailer Pros will work with you to find something that meets your exact specifications and needs.

Simply fill out a convenient online form explaining what type of design you need. Custom Trailer Pros will then review it and get in touch with you to discuss your options and costs. The company prides itself on providing unique solutions that stay within its customers’ budgets.

3. Custom Trailer Pros Offers Convenient Financing Plans

Food trailers are a big investment. Even the most basic concession trailer will cost you upwards of $10,000. You could easily spend more than $100,000 for a fully equipped trailer. And that doesn’t include your towing vehicle.

Many small business owners don’t have that kind of cash just lying around for a one-time payment. That’s why many entrepreneurs take out small business loans to get their business off the ground. But going back and forth with banks can be stressful and take up valuable time while you wait for a decision.

Custom Trailer Pros helps take some of that hassle away by offering financing plans online. In about two minutes, you can fill out and submit an application for financing to pay for your food trailer. In addition, it also offers a convenient payment calculator that can be customized based on your total payment and terms.

Make Custom Trailer Pros Your Only Source for Finding Food Trailers for Sale

It’s not difficult to find food trailers for sale on the internet. But if you want to know you’re getting something that’s high-quality and with your specific needs in mind, look no further than the experts at Custom Trailer Pros.

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