7 Tips to Safely Tow Your Concession Trailer

Towing your new concession trailer for the first time can be intimidating.  Prior to hitting the road with your trailer in tow, be sure to prepare yourself for success by following the 7 tips to safely tow your concession trailer below.

  • Weight compatibility with your car or truck

It’s essential to adhere to your car or trucks manufacturer recommendations for weight capacity.  Never exceed your vehicles towing maximum or you risk causing serious damage to your vehicle and new trailer.

  • Load Balance

Your trailers load must be adequately balanced in order to ensure safety on the road.  At least 60% of the trailer load should be positioned over the front half of the trailer.  Also be sure to secure your cargo with ties so the load balance stays consistent throughout your drive.

  • Keep Cool

If overheating your towing vehicle is a concern during travels there are a few things that can improve the abilities of your radiator.   First, be sure that your coolant and engine oil levels are sufficient before embarking on your trip.  If you notice that you’re vehicle starts showing signs of overheating slow down to ease up on your transmission and engine.  Lastly, be prepared by keeping extra fluids on hand in case of overheating while on the highway.

  • Under (Tire) Pressure

Proper tire pressure is key to a successful towing experience.  Depending on your trailer the air pressure in your vehicles rear tires may need to be increase to accommodate the additional weight you’re pulling.  If tire pressure is uneven you’ll have poor driving stability in addition to sacrificing good gas mileage.  Keeping your tire pressure in check will prevent the unfortunate event of a tire blow out as well. 

  • Finding the right hitch to Safely Tow

Having the correct hitch size for your vehicle and trailer is essential to keeping the two securely attached.  Find out what your hitch receiver size is in addition to the size of the ball you’ll need to properly attach it.  A king pin will hold the hitch and receiver together for additional security and ensure you safely tow your trailer to your destination.

  • Slow and Steady

Driving while hauling a concession trailer is very different than driving your vehicle without a heavy load attached.  The extra weight will make accelerating, braking and turning more challenging.  You should also keep your speed reduced because increased speed can cause the trailer to sway thus reducing your ability to make emergency maneuvers.  Always be aware of upcoming traffic stops, turns and be ready for sudden lane shifts to avoid heavy braking as well.

  • Practice Makes Perfect

Once you’ve checked all the boxes above, you’re ready to hit the road!  Not without a test drive or two first, though.  Practice in a parking lot to get accustomed to maneuvering your new trailer.  Take your time to make sure you’re comfortable behind the wheel, making turns and be sure to check that your signals are working property.  A little preparation goes a long way in terms of safety and avoiding frustration.

Still have questions or concerns?  Contact Custom Trailer Pros for peace of mind!  We’re here for all your custom trailer needs.

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