Beyond the Food Truck: Tips for a Successful Business.

Just like all small businesses in the U.S., a food trailer has the potential to be extremely rewarding and profitable.

It’s the ultimate venture for someone looking for a truly independent business. With a food trailer, you pick your own cuisine, strategy, and employees. Plus, you don’t have to be fully committed to a specific location – you can decide to pack up and move any time you want.

While there are a lot of food trailer businesses out there, just take a look at how many concession trailers you see at your next fair. You definitely have the ability to turn a profit if you know what you’re doing.

How Much Can You Make Running a Food Trailer

It all depends on how much you want to work.

If you just want to use your concession trailer at smaller sporting events and festivals, you could bring home up to $20,000 during the busy summer [...]

When someone asks you to think about mobile food businesses, your first thought probably goes to food trucks.

We don’t blame you – food trucks have become extremely popular over the past decade, especially in more urban areas.

But food trucks aren’t the only game in town.

3 Ways Food Trailers Are Different Than Food Trucks

Don’t forget about the food trailer, which you’ve probably seen before at large events or fairs without even realizing the difference.

While food trucks and food trailers basically serve the same purpose – delivering delicious food to patrons for a profit – there are some big important differences that set them apart. Here are three ways that a food trailer is different from a food truck.

1. Food Trailers Require a Tow Vehicle

Probably the main difference between a food truck and a food trailer [...]

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