6 Concession Trailer Certifications and Permits You Need to Know About

You’ve mapped out your concession trailer strategy. You know exactly what you want to sell and where you want to sell it.

But before you hit the road, you need to make sure your mobile business has the proper certifications and permits you need to operate legally.

Make Sure You Obtain These Concession Trailer Permits

There may be some exceptions, but most food trailer businesses need to get at least these six certifications and permits to stay within the law.

1. General Business License

Your concession trailer is considered a business, so you need to obtain a general business license that covers your home location as well as any city where you might be selling.

2. Food Service and Food Safety Permits

Any business that prepares, cooks, or sells food – that means your food trailer – must obtain food service and food safety permits from their local county.

These permits cover anything from proper handling and storage to cooking best practices to ensure your patrons don’t get sick from food-related illnesses. Some locations require you to pass a safety course to obtain these permits.

Not only are these permits required to operate your business, but by understanding proper food service and safety procedures, you are less likely to receive a surprise failing grade during a health inspection.

3. Fire Safety Certification

Concession trailer cooking means gas, and gas means the potential for fire. Therefore, the fire department will need to inspect your trailer to ensure it’s up to code and safe for your employees and customers.

4. Vehicle Registration

Your food trailer is a mobile vehicle. So just like your everyday car, you will need to register your trailer with your home state.

Check with your local state’s transportation department to determine what you need to register and insure your concession trailer.

5. Employee Identification Number

Chances are, you will have a few employees working at your food trailer business. To stay compliant with IRS regulations, you are required to obtain an employee identification number (EIN) so IRS website.

6. Alcohol Beverage License

If you’re not going to be serving alcoholic beverages from your food trailer, you don’t have to worry about this. However, if you ever plan to sell alcohol – whether it’s a special mixed drink or a single can of light beer – you need to obtain your alcohol beverage license or you could be slapped with major fines.

Check State and Local Requirements

Every state and city requires different concession trailer certifications and permits. Before you start operating, be sure to check with the local business departments to ensure you have all of the proper permits in place.

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