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Amazing Food Festivals in El Paso

El Paso is a city in Texas. It borders New Mexico and Mexico. The city is well-known for its authentic Mexican cuisine. There is a lot that El Paso has to offer. It is a vibrant city that offers a plethora of options when it comes to food. Some of the most popular items include Paletas de Crema, Tamales, Gorditas, Menudo, and steak tacos. There is a great deal of Mexican influence on the food dishes in El Paso. Every street has its taco food truck. If you happen to be in this bustling city, you have to visit the following food festivals.







El Paso Lobster Festival

The El Paso Lobster Festival is held in April at 6900 Delta Dr. It is where delicious lobsters are served from all around the country. Fresh live Maine lobster can also be found at the event. The lobsters are cooked to mouth-watering perfection on the largest cooker in the world. The event has a lot to offer, from music to games. Many popular local artists play music at the festival and you can dance to their music as there is also a dance floor for visitors. Enjoy savories at the food court, check out the arts and crafts booths, take e-photos, sip on adult beverages, and go on a carnival ride. There is something for everyone at the event. You will be surprised by the wide variety of options.

Sun City Craft Beer Festival

The Sun City Craft Beer Festival is another food festival that you need to attend. It is held at the Civic Center Place and is a must-attend. The event boasts some of the most amazing craft beers and food items. The best national breweries come together to host the biggest craft beer festival in the region that is attended by thousands of people. The Sun City Craft Beer Festival is for everyone. There are plenty of food trucks serving the perfect food and a huge variety of beers.

Bacon Fest

El Paso is a city that loves its bacon. Bacon Fest is held every year to celebrate all things bacon. It is a must-visit for every bacon lover. Various food items are bacon-inspired. The festival takes place at the Union Plaza during the summer. Bacon is the main inspiration behind the food, the sweets, and the drinks. Live music, a beer bar, and contests are commonplace at the festival. Bacon Fest is visited by just about everyone.

El Paso Burger Fest

Finally, El Paso Burger Fest is one of the biggest burger festivals in the city. It is held in November at the Ascarate Park. The event is dedicated to burger lovers. You will be blown away by the variety of options.

Over 50 Concession Trailers to Choose From

Food trucks are becoming more and more popular in El Paso, and for good reason. Due to the love that people have for mobile food, this industry continues to expand. With increasing demand and relatively low startup costs, food trucks and food trailers have become a prime business opportunity for anyone who loves to cook. And here at Custom Trailer Pros, our staff consists of food industry professionals as well as accomplished entrepreneurs who all have one goal at the center of all that we do – helping our customers be as successful as possible, as quickly as possible. We do this by focusing on work-flow, efficiency, health-code compliance, fire safety compliance, financing assistance, and we have each food trailer in El Paso built to order so they can be set up for our customer’s exact needs.

El Paso is a lively city that is Mexican-influenced. It has a thriving food scene. If you’re a chef, restaurateur, entrepreneur, or simply looking to start your own mobile food trailer business in El Paso, please call us 816-656-2477 today to get started.

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Over the last ten years we have designed thousands of food trailers, helping our customers successfully get started with many different concepts including:

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