Financing Your Mobile Food Venture

As the mobile food industry continues to evolve, so do the financing options. There are many new and existing food concepts making the decision to go mobile. Whether you’re looking to expand or start something new, creating your mobile food venture can be a very exciting process. With so many opportunities to bring your vision to life, it’s important to partner with the right people to help you accomplish your goals.


Our customers often ask us questions like, “How do I find the correct equipment? Or “What should my work-flow look like?” Or, “How do I know what health codes to comply with?” These are  all important questions, but what can be the most challenging is, “How do I finance my dream?” If you don’t have the answer to that, then the other questions don’t matter.

With that in mind, we have provided some helpful insights to get you started in the right direction by answering the following key questions:

  • Why should I finance this purchase?
  • Who will help me find the right deal?
  • How do I know if I will qualify?
  • Is this like financing a car?

Why should I finance this purchase?

Financing such a large purchase can really help you cash flow your new venture. Starting something new is always a risk, so minimizing those risks by lowering your monthly expenses can help give you more time to get started as you build your brand and your customer base. Unexpected expenses are likely to come up, so we always recommend having a cash reserve available for such needs. If financing your food trailer purchase helps accomplish this, then it can be a great decision. If you have the cash to make the purchase and still maintain your reserves, then it might make sense to purchase your trailer using cash.

Who will help me find the right deal?

In order to find the right deal, you typically need the help of someone who is experienced in this area. This is why it is important to partner with the right dealer. The right dealer will not simply try to sell you a product, but will instead be able to help you get rolling smoothly and efficiently. This can include helping with the design of the trailer, navigating health code regulations, and of course, financing your purchase. This is why Custom Trailer Pros has experienced staff who can help in all of these areas.

Previously, we discussed pros and cons of buying a new food trailer vs. a used food trailer. One major advantage of buying new is that it is much easier to secure financing when buying a new piece of equipment from a reputable dealer. Banks are always looking for ways to lower their risks, so it can add an extra layer of security knowing that the product itself is coming from an experienced provider with a proven track record.

How do I know if I will qualify?

So you’ve decided that financing is the direction you want to go in and you’ve found a dealer you are comfortable working with. Now the next step is figuring out what you qualify for. The simple answer is that you won’t know until you apply. That being said, our experience has shown us that finance companies are typically looking to finance customers who have a credit score of 650 or higher. This is not an absolute rule, just a generalization. If your score is 650 or higher, then they will look at other factors as well to determine the type of loan they can offer. The only way to know for sure which program you will qualify for is to contact your dealer and submit an application.

Is this like financing a car?

No! Although a food trailer is technically a vehicle, from a risk perspective, finance companies sometimes view it as a piece of commercial equipment, but more often it is viewed as a small business loan. Therefore it can be seen as a high risk loan, so the rates and terms are often different than a car loan.

These are just some of the things to consider when you are thinking about financing your food trailer. For more information, visit our Financing Page.

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