Food Trailer For Sale

One of the best ways to start a restaurant business is with a food truck. You can purchase a custom food trailer for sale to start your business quickly and efficiently. Food trailers are affordable and provide you will everything you need to run your food business. At Custom Trailer Pros, we build custom food trailers that include all the features necessary.

What Features Do You Include in a Food Trailer for Sale?

We offer many upgraded features in our standard food trailer packages. You can choose from a hot kitchen, cold kitchen, or BBQ package in the size you prefer. Our trailers include strong .030 thickness aluminum, complete water package, large capacity sinks, complete electrical package with the 25-foot power cord and 50 amp plug, LED lighting inside and out, 7-foot ceiling height and insulated walls and ceiling. These are features that cost extra with other trailer providers. We will add any features that you need to create the ultimate trailer to meet your requirements.

We Custom Build Trailers to Meet Your Needs

When you want a custom trailer, look to Custom Trailer Pros for your next food trailer for sale. We work with you to create a floor plan and design that will be the best for your specific intended use. You can view some of our custom trailers online to see examples of units we have completed for our customers. Whether you want to make food in the trailer, use it for concessions, sell cold food items or beverages, or use it for barbeque foods, we have the ideal options for your purposes.

Why Should I Choose Custom Trailer Pros?

At Custom Trailer Pros, we build each food trailer for sale from scratch. We don’t piece together old units. Instead, we use high-quality materials and expert workmanship to create the ideal trailer for your needs. We have experience building custom trailers that include the frame, plumbing, electric, and everything you need. We will create a trailer according to your specifications. When you have the best trailer, you will be able to work more efficiently and productively.

Call Custom Trailer Pros

Visit our website gallery to view many of the trailers we built for our customers. You will be able to create the exact food trailer for sale based on your needs. We have designed trailers for all types of food businesses such as taco stands, concessions, coffee, shaved ice, and many other types of food services. You will enjoy a brand new trailer that will last for many years. We work within your budget, and we also have several financial institutions that we work with if you want to obtain financing for your trailer. We take care of every detail, so when you receive your trailer, it will be perfect. We pride ourselves on providing complete customer satisfaction. We are here to help you get started with your trailer design and are happy to assist you with the entire process. Contact Custom Trailer Pros today for all your food trailer needs.

Food Trailer For Sale
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